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As long as I can remember I have always loved to bake. My family and childhood friends fondly recall my homemade three-layer brownies, carrot cake, and chocolate chip cookies. When I think back, I have amassed quite a collection of favorites in the last thirty plus years. Here, I hope to share them with you.

In the process of learning how to bake and cook, I have made numerous mistakes. When I play in the kitchen, the outcome is not always wonderful and delicious. There is a reason my sister nick-named me Betty Crapper at a very young age! 

This blog will highlight my foibles as "Betty Crapper Moments." One of my favorite "Betty Crapper Moments" involved cooking with fish sauce

I have some strong opinions regarding "home-made" and "cooking from scratch." I aspire to eliminate most convenience "foods" from my cooking. Pre-made mixes in boxes and little seasoning packets make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Have you ever taken a look at the list of ingredients?  Ingredients that cannot be easily pronounced do not belong in food. Making cakeswaffles, and pancakes, for example, is no harder from scratch and takes about the same amount of time.

I believe home cooked food is healthier and tastier. I also do not buy low-fat or fat-free ingredients. They never taste as good as the "real deal." I firmly believe full fat ingredients deserve my love and attention. I have found that I am satisfied by smaller quantities of food when I use the "real deal." The "real deal" also raises my level of happiness with food and I do love food! How can that be a bad thing? 

Whenever possible I buy organic, even if the product is much more expensive. I do not like pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones in my food. Do you? 

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