Monday, April 19, 2010

Meal Plan 4/19-4/23

Monday: green salad (large lunch)
Tuesday: homemade margherita pizza
Wednesday: picadillo with white rice
Thursday: tacos with shredded chicken, homemade salsa, and guacamole
Friday: steaks on the grill

I reserve the right to make substitutions and deletions due to laziness.

... and then we are off on an American Southwest vacation to the South rim of the Grand Canyon, Page, AZ, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. 

No cooking for almost two weeks.


  1. you're good. At least you come up with a meal plan. I don't even know what I'm cooking until about an hour before.

  2. The plan is fluid. Sometimes I make Friday's meal on Tuesday. Depends what I'm craving. When I didn't plan, I could never figure out what to cook and so we ate take-out a lot. Now I almost always have something I can make, so we hardly ever do take out.

  3. LOL I love that you reserved the right to change the meal plan!! :D